ErinEarth, in the land of the Wiradjuri

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ErinEarth, a dream of the Presentation Sisters to be "walking lightly on the earth", is a sustainable living education complex with house and garden in Kildare Street, Wagga Wagga in Wiradjuri Country.

Sculptures@ErinEarth made for a rewarding and enjoyable last weekend in March.  Thanks to all who made it such a great event!

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ErinEarth has almost 5,000 m2 (square metres) of gardens with about 400 m of paths winding through.To get a "taste", try exploring virtual ErinEarth.

Wagga Wagga has many other great places to explore, such as the Wollundry Lagoon. Check out ideas for this and other local places to see.


Location: 1 Kildare Street, Turvey Park, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650
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Phone(02) 6925 7150 during business hours (9 am - 4 pm) Mon-Fri.

Email: admin@erinearth.org.au

Manager,  Karen Leary: manager@erinearth.org.au

Assistant Manager, Tina de Jong: assistant.manager@erinearth.org.au


Our purpose

This community resource is part of an active local network that strives to educate for a sustainable lifestyle so urgently needed in these times.

Our focus

Our governing philosophy

Preamble to Constitution

“For people, generally, their story of the universe and the human role in the universe is their primary source of intelligibility and value. The deepest crises experienced by any society are those moments of change when the story becomes inadequate for meeting the survival demands of a present situation.” - Thomas Berry

“The challenge before us is to create a new civilization based on a cosmology – a story of the origin, nature, and purpose of creation – that reflects the fullness of our current human knowledge; a story to guide us to mature relationships with one another and a living earth.” - David Korten

These statements encapsulate the focus of ErinEarth’s roots within the Christian tradition of understanding all creation as sacred, an expression of the divine permeating the evolutionary journey of the universe. We live out of a mindset that is inclusive of all people, organisations and of the whole Earth Community.

Every activity of ErinEarth, from sustainability workshops and spirituality days to school visits, has as its focus the mind shift from Earth as Resource to Earth as Community of Life.

All photographs have been taken by ErinEarth staff and volunteers unless otherwise stated.


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